Small hydro powerplants

Small hydro power plants with power up to 10KW.
Hydro potential in Serbia, our plans with further development.

Hydro energy arises from the force which is induced by the movement of water, this force can be extremely powerful. Hydropower is the most important renewable energy source, and also the only one that is competitive to fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Hydropower is one of a group of renewable energy because the water on the earth is constantly renewed by rainfall. The existence of this form of energy is guaranteed as long as the cycle of water circulation occurs in nature.

Renewable energy sources play a very important role in the task of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Some of the technologies, especially technologies that include the use of small hydro power plants, wind energy, biomass and solar energy economically viable.

A large share of the growing production of electricity from renewable energy sources certainly has ecological consciousness.

The definition of small hydro power plants varies from state to state but is generally accepted as the upper limit of 10 MW installed capacity.

The energy that will be installed based on two input factors, it flows in (m3 / s) and a decrease in (m).

Flow past a quantity of water per unit time while the other input factor that is defined as a drop in height between the two sections of the route along the river.

During the process of electricity generation potential and kinetic energy of water stream is converted into mechanical energy which is then transformed into electricity. At the exit of mini hydro power plants have the power to (kW) and electricity produced in (kWh).

World energy trend in recent years is certainly the greater use of renewable energy.

It is believed that small hydro power plants have no adverse impact on the ecosystem as it is the case for large hydro power plants that adversely affect the land, causing floods, endangering wildlife in rivers and increase greenhouse gas emissions both during construction and during operation the hydro power plant.

Increasing application of small hydro power plants to avoid these negative effects and the electricity is produced from renewable sources that are cyclically updated in time.