About us

National Electric Power Company (NEPC) is a company engaged in “greenfield” investment in renewable energy. 100% of the compny was established and funded by the private,foreign capital.

 After recognizing the potential of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Serbia, founders of NEPC in 2007. are investing in detailed analysis in renewable energy resources and the legal framework for the implementation of these projects, despite the fact that at that time in the Republic of Serbia, there are no laws and laws governing for this area of business.

 In December of 2009. immediately after the Serbian government adopted laws and regulations for this kind of business, fouders are establishing the company NEPC.

 Horizontal analyzes were based on an examination of the potential of renewable energy sources (wind energy, solar energy, biomass, geothermal and hydropower) and legal circumstances of investing in plants for their operation, have shown that it is currently the most profitable and safest investment in hydropower – ie small hydro (analysis in terms of investment risk) and powerplants based on biomass.