Our work combines the complete process activities, which consists of the following stages:

  • Finding, mapping and assessment potential of renewable energy at selected locations for setting up future power plants with the settlement of property relations.
  • We develop and implement processes for the preparation of documents, which leads to obtaining building permits.
  • We carry out the process of building electrical power plant for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources in accordance with the regulations and the necessary documentation
  • We perform all necessary tests of completed building.
  • Our team of professionals prepare and develop projects with the general pre-feasibility study
  • We make a major project for a building permit, ensuring all approvals, opinions and permits under the law.
  • We perform all necessary tests of completed building.

Done so far

NEPC has so far implemented two projects of small hydropower plants: MPP "Dzep" (0, 99 MW) on the river Dzep, in the municipality of Vladicin Han and MPP "Ljuti Dol" (0.70 MW) on the river Božica, municipalities Surdulica and Bosilegrad.